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Climate projections are available as daily time-series in a format suitable for most biophysical models. The projections data are centered on 2030 and 2050, and are available for approximately 4,700 climate stations, or for points on a 0.05 degree (approximately 5km) grid across Australia.

Six climate elements (rainfall, evaporation, minimum and maximum temperature, solar radiation and vapour pressure deficit) are supplied in either P51 or APSIM format.

The data are available for

  • three perturbation methods (change factor, quantile matching and linear mixed effect state space) for Australia and high resolution downscaled 10 km data for Queensland.
  • eight climate scenarios for AR4 global climate models (Marker Scenario A1FI, SRES Marker Scenario A2, SRES Marker Scenario A1B, SRES Marker Scenario B2, SRES Marker Scenario A1T, SRES Marker Scenario B1, 550ppm stabilisation by 2150, 450ppm stabilisation by 2100).
  • four climate scenarios for AR5 global climate models (RCP2.6, RCP4.5, RCP6.0 and RCP8.5)
  • three global sensitivities (high, medium and low)
  • 19 global climate models for AR4
  • 28 global climate models for AR5.
  • 10 global climate models for high resolution downscaled 10 km data.

Data are normally delivered via ftp. A sample of the data (ZIP, 1.3M) is available.


Only small orders for data can be accepted via this web site. For example, you can only download data for up to ten locations and up to three emission scenarios at any one time. If you wish to order larger amounts of data, please contact us.

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Last updated: 4 November 2018