Tropical Cyclone Hazard Dashboard

The Severe Wind Hazard Assessment for Queensland (SWHA-Q) aims to understand the potential impacts of modelled current and future tropical cyclones (TCs) on population centres and elements of critical infrastructure in Queensland. This interactive visualisation platform provides regionalized wind speed hazard for regions and locations over Queensland. It is composed of drop-down menus, maps, plots, and tables whereby users can customise, visualise, and download current and future wind hazard information summarised across Queensland’s regions.
Due to the methods used to evaluate hazard for regions, the regional hazard levels displayed in the Average Recurrence Interval/Annual Exceedance Probability plots are higher than the hazard levels for cities and towns that are located in those regions.
Visit the TC – information page to understand the assessment methodology and read the SWHA-Q reports one and two for an overview of current and future risk of severe winds driven by TCs.


Visit the TC – information page to understand the assessment methodology and disclaimer advice.


Data source: Severe Wind Hazard Assessment for Queensland (SWHA-Q) reports one and two.

For more information about state-wide risk and hazard assessments visit QFES webpage.

Last updated: 7 February 2024