Selected Publications Relevant to Long Paddock

This is a list of key references related to past and current projects undertaken by our staff and collaborators. In some cases abstracts of these documents and/or full versions are made available for download.

Klingaman, N. Woolnough, J. and Syktus, J. (2011). ‘On the drivers of inter-annual and decadal rainfall variability in Queensland, Australia’ (PDF)*. World Climate Research Programme Open Science Conference: Climate Research in Service to Society; Denver, Colorado, 24-28 October 2011.
Peacock, A., Flood, N., Ahrens, D., Brook,K., Chilcott, C., Bruget, D., Carter, J., Collett, L., Crimp, S., Day, K., Hall, W., Hassett, R., Henry, B., McKeon, G., McRae, D., Paull, C., and Stone, R. (2002) The Long Paddock Website: Climate Management Information for Rural Australia. (PDF)* Australian Rangeland Society 12th Biennial Conference, Kalgoorlie, Western Australia 2-5 September 2002
Folland, C. Scaife, A. Fereday, D. Knight, J. Kucharski, F. Kinter, J. Jin, E, Bronniman, S. Fischer, A. Grainger, S. Kang, I. Kusunoki, S. Nakaegawa, T. Lau, N. Nath, M. Pegion, P Schubert, S. Sporyshev,P. Syktus, J. Yoon, J. Zeng, N. Zhou, T. (2011). ‘C20C – Climate of the 20th century: Selected twentieth century climate events. (PDF)*’ CLIUAR 2011 Conference: Denver, Colorado, 24-28 October 2011.
    Last updated: 10 November 2017