Farm Business Resilience Program

The Farm Business Resilience Program (FBRP) aims to build the strategic management capacity of farmers and graziers to prepare for and manage business and climate risks. The program does this by supporting farm business planning to identify goals, business and climate risks, and strategies to manage these risks. The program also supports specific training and other activities which help primary producers address their risks.

The Farm Business Resilience Program and the Farm Management Grants are co-funded through the Australian Government’s Future Drought Fund and the Queensland Government’s Drought and Climate Adaptation Program.

Farm Business Resilience Plan

A plan helps you identify, assess and manage business risks such as drought and strategies and actions on how to address them. It is good practice to have a business plan.

You will need a Farm Business Resilience Plan or similar to apply for new Queensland drought assistance grants and loans.

For information on getting started with your plan, visit the Farm Business Resilience Plan page. On this page you will find:

  • Contacts to help develop your plan
  • Industry checklists and templates
  • Workshop and training information
  • Tutorial video and guidance notes

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Last updated: 10 July 2024