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Scientific journal publications

Bowen MK, Chudleigh F, Dixon RM, Sullivan MT, Schatz T, Oxley T (2020) The economics of phosphorus supplementation of beef cattle grazing northern Australian rangelands. Animal Production Science 60, 683-693.  doi: 10.1071/AN19088. Available at

Cobon, D., Stone, G., Carter, J., McKeon, G., Zhang, B., Heidemann, H. (2020). Native pastures and beef cattle show a spatially variable response to a changing climate in Queensland, Australia , European Journal of Agronomy, Volume 114, March 2020, 126002

Bowen MK, Chudleigh F (2019) Productivity and profitability of alternative steer growth paths resulting from accessing high quality forage systems in the subtropics of northern Australia:  a modelling approach.  Animal Production Science 59, 1739-1751. Available at

Chudleigh F, Bowen M, Holmes B (2019) Farm economic thinking and the genetic improvement of fertility in northern beef herds. In ‘Proceedings of the 63rd Australasian Agricultural and Resource Economics Society (AARES) Annual Conference’. Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Available at

Cobon, D., Kouadio, L., Mushtaq, S., Jarvis, S., Carter, J., Stone, G., Davis, P. (2019). Evaluating the shifts in rainfall and pasture-growth variabilities across the pastoral zone of Australia during 1910–2010 . Crop and Pasture Science, 70(7):634-647.

Stone, G., Dalla Pozza, R., Carter J., & McKeon, G. (2019). Long Paddock: climate risk and grazing information for Australian rangelands and grazing communities . The Rangeland Journal, 41, 225–232



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