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Spreadsheet tools to assess drought response or recovery options

Objective, evidenced-based decisions can be difficult to make, especially when there are many variables outside of our control. To help make sense of it all and weigh up the risks and benefits of all the options, we have developed 13 easy-to-use spreadsheets, including step-by-step online tutorials.


FORAGE combines climate data, satellite image and modelled pasture growth to produce property-scale PDF reports via email, to help decision-making in grazing land and environmental management. Visit FORAGE



The AussieGRASS model monitors key biophysical processes associated with pasture growth (i.e. degradation and recovery) at regional scales (e.g. local government areas or bioregions). AussieGRASS provides long-term time-series of rainfall and pasture growth information, as well as projections for the season ahead. Visit AussieGRASS

Webinars and Videos

Improving profitability and resilience of livestock enterprises in western and northern Queensland (Maree Bowen)

Northern Australia Climate Program (NACP) videos

Visit the NACP website to see their videos including:

  • How can NACP help with decision making?
  • What is a Climate Mate?
  • La Nina and soils, weeds and pasture management
  • A series of videos on understanding your green date

Improving profitability and resilience of beef businesses in northern Australia

Getting the “Inside Edge” in grazing land management

Evaluating the consequences of alternative management strategies for beef enterprises in northern Australia  

How to assess drought response and recovery options 

Drought decisions webinar 

FORAGE Awareness Videos

FORAGE reports for assisting land management decision-making

Understanding Percentiles and Terciles in Climate and Pasture Growth Data

Understanding farm management economics 


Climate Mates

‘Climate Mates’ aim to improve the use of weather and climate forecasts through training and engaging with graziers, advisors and supporting the broader extension team across northern Australia. Find your Climate Mate contact details on the NACP website.

Climate Training Course

NACP have developed a free, short Climate Training Course for producers and landholders on important climate drivers for Northern Australia, and effective use of forecasting tools.

Climate Mate case studies

Read about Climate Mate case studies on the NACP website.

Last updated: 16 July 2024