Horticulture Industry

The Drought and Climate Adaptation Program is helping the horticulture industry across Queensland through research, development and extension activities.




Learn about experimental seasonal forecasts for Queensland’s vegetable industry.

Natural disaster resilience program: Floods (to develop flood mapping, mitigation and resilience management plans for properties)



Use of BoM multi-week and seasonal forecasts to improve management decisions in Queensland’s vegetable industry

Queensland’s’ Lockyer Valley and Granite Belt vegetable producers and supply chain managers are testing new experimental forecast tools. Improved forecasts have the capacity to build sustainability through improving farm, business and labour management decisions.

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Crop insurance

Changes to insurance products will be analysed to develop more affordable insurance products for farmers in the cropping and horticulture industries.

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Natural disaster resilience program: floods

An innovative online course is now available to assist farmers across Queensland to develop flood mitigation and resilience management plans for their properties. The education resource features information specific to the horticulture and dairy industries including an introduction to flood mapping, understanding of soil health and nutritional issues and financial and risk management.

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Last updated: 13 July 2021