Indicative Land Type Report

The Grazing Land Management (GLM) land type mapping has been updated (February 2019)

What is an indicative land type report?

The report shows the current version of Grazing Land Management (GLM) land type mapping (updated February 2019) and the approximate area of each land type with the selected area. Land types are areas of grazing land with similar soil, vegetation and capacity to produce useful feed. For further information on GLM land types, go to .


What is included in the report?

The purpose of the Indicative Land Type report is to show the location, size and proportion of land types within a selected Lot (or Lots) on Plan. This report provides the following information:

  • A map showing land type and Lot on Plan boundaries.
  • a summary of dominant land types and estimated area of land types within the selected Lot or Lots on Plan.


Report sample

Report sample is available online here (PDF, 134 KB) .


Common questions about indicative land type reports

  • The Indicative Land Type report shows the current version of GLM land types in Queensland for a selected Lot on Plan or adjoining Lots on Plan including the approximate area and proportion of each land type within a selected area.

  • For more details, see Pages 17 to 19 of the FORAGE User Guide (PDF, 2.8 MB) .

The GLM land type data (shapefile format) was originally developed by Department of Natural Resources and Mines (DNRM) based on regional ecosystems mapping and soil information. The data is on the Spatial Information Resource (SIR) database and has been updated by the Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries (DAF) in conjunction with the Department of Environment, Science and Innovation (DESI) and the DNRM. For further information on the GLM land types of Queensland, visit the FutureBeef website, .

Last updated: 30 January 2024