This work is the property of the Queensland Government and also forms part of a PhD. thesis (in progress). The main purpose in making the information available on Long Paddock at this time is to provide interested persons with an opportunity to become familiar with the nature of this 'long-lead' analysis before such times as it may be more widely advertised. You may seek further information than presented in this report (e.g. SST regions, historical time-series, skill scores etc.) although, until such times as the research is published in an appropriate scientific journal, such information will only be made available on a very restricted basis. However any application for further information for research purposes will be given due consideration provided the purpose for which the information is required is clearly stated. In this regard please contact Ken.A.Day@des.qld.gov.au.

Information contained in this publication represents an analysis of historical data. The report does not contain advice on the application of the information to specific circumstances. It is the responsibility of the reader to critically evaluate the information in the context of their own climate related decisions.

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Last updated: 18 August 2020